Self-Study Membership:

From Surviving to Thriving as an HSP


How incredible would it feel to wake up each day feeling rested, peaceful, and looking forward to the day ahead of you... motivated and excited by what you get to do, who you get to see, and what you get to experience?

How wonderful would it be to feel strong and grounded in your body, like you are capable of anything... knowing your health is the best it's ever been, with so much energy to put towards the activities, projects, and relationships that matter most to you?

How fueling would it feel to be surrounded by supportive friendships and relationships... regularly spending time with people who see and love you for who you truly are: your authentically sensitive self in all your glory... to feel safe and accepted in connections that have strong foundations... to have meaningful conversations and connections that fill your heart with joy?

How gratifying would it feel to know that what you are spending your time (and ultimately your life) doing is for a greater purpose, for your family, for your community, for your future... to be doing something that is simultaneously fulfilling, making a difference, and bringing you genuine happiness?

What would you be able to do and accomplish if you had deep confidence in and love for who you are, knowing that you as a highly sensitive person belong in this world, exactly as your authentic self, with so much to offer, so many wonderful things yet to experience?

This is all truly possible for you.

It is.


From Surviving to Thriving as an HSP

Are You Ready To Thrive?

This Self-Study Membership offering is designed to guide you step-by-step through the journey of climbing out of survival mode for good, and truly thriving in this world as a highly sensitive person. And provide you with a way to do this at your own pace, on a monthly membership basis. You’ll learn how to:

  • Thoroughly understand yourself as an HSP individual
  • Reliably restore your personal energy
  • Recalibrate and transform your relationships
  • Discover and successfully pursue your dreams and¬†purpose in life
  • Effectively and holistically tend to your health and address any chronic symptoms

With some enlightening education, deep mindset shifts, HSP-oriented tools and practices, and helpful support and encouragement, you'll be able to build a solid foundation from which you can achieve your dreams and experience all you long to experience out of life as an HSP.

What's Included?

Monthly subscription access to:

  • Online course library with over 150 modules (24+ hours of video content)

  • 40 practical exercises (to help you gain clarity and implement what you learn)
  • Online group community of other HSPs on the same journey (which includes access to Tiara for guidance)

  • The ability to book 1-on-1 coaching calls with Tiara (only available to members)

Why a Self-Study Membership?

Subscription model means:

  • Move through this journey at your own pace
  • Only pay for one month at a time, and cancel anytime (giving you full control over how deep you want to go into this process, and for how long)

  • Sustain motivation to keep engaging with the material and the group (and therefore ultimately see the changes and get the results you're hoping for, because they're built from daily engagement that creates new habits and thought patterns)

  • Gain access to the full library of valuable information and supportive community that normally comes in a full coaching package, without the high-ticket price

  • Low-risk, easy decision to join and get started on your journey today

My only caveat is...

I highly recommend that you only consider enrolling in this self-study membership if you feel you are intrinsically motivated to get results for yourself.

This program offering does not include a coaching package, which means you will need to rely mainly on yourself for personal accountability and commitment to showing up.

(A great idea you can utilize upon joining the membership is to find someone else in the group to become accountability partners.) Your results from taking this course will be directly dependent on and proportionate to your level of self-commitment and engagement with the material.

A lack of hands-on guidance that would come in a high-ticket coaching package doesn't have to be a bad thing -- if you can access the part of yourself that will fight for you when you get discouraged; the part of you that will recognize you need support and will jump onto the group forum and ask for encouragement, rather than slip into the shadows and give up. Instead of me being right next to you on the path reaching out a hand when you experience a setback, I will just be a few paces ahead, waving you over, and encouraging you to pick yourself up by your own bootstraps (which could be a very important part of your journey). And I know you can do it.

Note: Individual coaching sessions with Tiara are now available to add-on a la carte once you are a member of the program. So you have the option to gain additional support if needed.


Is this a match made in heaven?

The Self-Study Membership program is perfectly suited for you if:

  • You are a highly sensitive person (any age, race, or gender, introverted or extroverted)

  • You're ready to leave the survival state behind for good and finally experience what it's like to thrive

  • You long to restore your physical energy and overall health

  • You'd love to heal and upgrade your current relationships with your partner, family, friends, coworkers... and your relationship with yourself

  • You want to attract new meaningful relationships and connections, too

  • You wish to identify and pursue a career path or personal life mission that calls to you and brings you joy and fulfillment

  • You'd love to increase your abundance of all kinds of resources (time, energy, and prosperity) as a result of completing this program
  • You're ready to gain clarity on any mystery symptoms you've been experiencing, and gain access to a guidebook for healing and preventing chronic stress in the body, heart, and mind

  • You're excited to connect with other HSPs like you who are also journeying the path from surviving to thriving

  • You are intrinsically motivated to climb yourself out of survival mode for good
  • You have an inner fire burning inside you, that just needs some gentle wafting to become ablaze, that is urging you to finally make change, break free of the old cycles and limitations, and go after what it is you want in life

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

If this is all resonates deeply with you, then you are exactly the kind of person I designed this program for:


Not quite sure yet?

That's okay! Keep scrolling for the course content outline, previews of the video modules, and answers to FAQs...

Course Content Outline:


Highly Sensitive Trait Foundations

Learning all about what it means to be an HSP can greatly help you understand how to thrive. There are 19 video modules in this section, going over things like:

  • Education on the highly sensitive trait
  • Understanding how the trait shows up in your unique experience
  • Building pride in the trait
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Limiting belief work
  • and much more...

At the end of this section, you will have a thorough understanding of your HSP self, your needs as an individual, and heal your mindset around the trait, allowing you to see how you can actually utilize your trait as a huge benefit in your life.



How to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional well-being as an HSP. In this section there are 33 modules, walking you through:

  • HSPs and their relationship to their surrounding environment
  • Setting up your perfect sleeping conditions
  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Overthinking
  • Foundations of physical health
  • and much more...

This section will set you up with a solid self-care practice that allows you to recognize when your energy is drained, develop a reliable system to restore it, and understand how to maintain your personal energy going forward.



The secret to healthy relationships of all kinds is authenticity. This section has 20 modules, discussing:

  • Uncovering your authentic self
  • HSPs in close relationships
  • Identifying and setting boundaries
  • Inner critic work
  • and much more...

At the end of this section, you will have fallen back in love with your true self, and recalibrated your relationships to a much healthier standard... allowing you to finally get your needs met, and have deeper, healthier, more meaningful, and more supportive connections.


Life Purpose

Many HSPs crave more purpose, more meaning in life, and this section walks you through exactly how to accomplish that. This content area has 26 video modules, going over:

  • Developing your intuition and how to benefit from it
  • Discovering your purpose and/or dream career
  • Creating a plan to accomplish your goals
  • Healing your relationship with money
  • and much more...

Once you've completed this section, you'll have gained clarity on what your life purpose(s) is, a concrete plan to pursue it, tools and motivation to follow it, and the right mindset to lock you into the trajectory of success.


Addressing Chronic Stress

For those that it is applicable to, this section will help you address any residual symptoms left over after completing the other 3 areas, indicating that chronic stress has taken a toll. This area has 30 modules, all helping you:

  • Understand the effects of chronic stress on the body
  • How to use food as medicine
  • Several approaches for holistic health and full body healing
  • Tools and tips for finding the right healthcare providers for further support
  • and much more...

Once you've gotten here, you now have a broad, and thorough understanding of how to approach any deeply rooted health concerns.

This Sounds Incredible - Sign Me Up!

What members are saying:

"The content has been transformative already. I am just so impressed by the amount of content and depth of knowledge. I can‚Äôt thank you enough for creating this program! ūü•į"

"The content alone is blowing me away. It’s really more than I could have hope for! I’m learning so much about myself and becoming more aware of my limiting beliefs. I can’t wait to dive into it again this week!"

"This was very thorough and insightful. I thought I new a lot about my trait, but this was super helpful to explain some things I have been going through lately and did not connect to being an HSP. I am so grateful for this self discovery!"

"I always felt that I’m 'too sensitive'. I viewed being sensitive as a weakness and nothing of value. I’m honestly starting to view this as one of my greatest strengths. This course is wonderful, and the compassion and understanding that I’m starting to feel for myself and this trait is honestly life-changing!"

"I love that everything is so 'bite sized'.  I've done a few programs before, and they were beneficial, but it always kind of felt like I had to plan my life around them. This feels so manageable without overwhelm."

"I look like a testimonial, but in fact I am a secret place that Tiara has hidden a coupon code for the membership. If you're seeing this, you can use code hidden25 to get $25 off the membership, good for the first 3 months."

I Want to Join!

Sneak Peeks into the Course Material

Below are clips for you to preview that have been taken directly from the modules inside the online course. You will get immediate access to these full videos (along with 145+ more) upon enrollment:


Survival Mode vs. Thriving

A 5 minute segment from the 2 hrs of video content in the Welcome area of the online course.

In the full 19 min video in the course, I outline the difference between survival and thriving states, how to move towards thriving, and give you multiple ways to gauge where you are on the spectrum at any given time.


Heal Your Mindset on the Trait

A 5 minute segment from the 3+ hrs of video content in the Highly Sensitive Trait Foundations area.

In the full 16 min video in the course, I go over several different mindset shifts to help you heal any negative views you may be holding about the trait.


HSPs and Their Environment

A 3 minute segment from the 4+ hrs of video content in the area about Self-Care.

In the full 7.5 min video in the course, I describe the close connection HSPs have to their surroundings, and why it's crucial for HSPs to be in a supportive environment.


Why Authenticity Matters

A 3 minute segment from the 4+ hrs of video content in the Authenticity area.

In the full 17 min video in the course, I describe in detail why authenticity is the key to happy and healthy relationships, of all kinds.


The Gravity of Life Purpose

A 2.5 minute segment from the 5+ hrs of video content in the Life Purpose area.

In the full 17 min video in the course, I go in depth about what a life purpose is, and how much of a difference it makes for the HSP.


How Chronic Stress Shows Up

A 3 minute segment from the 5 hrs of video content in the area on Addressing Chronic Stress.

In the full 36 min video in the course, I go over in detail how stress affects the body and mind over time, and guides you on changing your relationship to stress.

I Can't Wait! Let's Get Started


Get answers to all your questions, and soothe any concerns you may have about any aspect of the program:

The Path Is Clear - Let's Go!

In Just a Few Months, You Could...

Go From...

  • Struggling with your trait, wishing you weren't highly sensitive
  • Lacking energy to do the things you really want to do, with no real way to "catch up"
  • Feeling misunderstood, unappreciated, undervalued, or like you don't belong anywhere
  • Feeling unfulfilled by your career or life in general, dreading having to "do it all over again" day after day
  • Being dragged down by chronic symptoms, not knowing how to resolve them















  • Your trait becoming a huge asset to your success in your life
  • Feeling energized and excited for each new day, with reliable¬†routines to maintain your energy
  • Transforming¬†current relationships to be more supportive, releasing toxic relationships and attracting deeper connections
  • Finding your calling, and feeling purposeful and driven each day
  • Gaining the knowledge and support you need to fully heal and reclaim your vitality

Becoming the happiest, healthiest, and most vibrant and grounded version of you

I'm Excited for My Future - I'm In!

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What is the value and the investment?

The online course is comprised of 15+ years worth of knowledge Tiara has gained being immersed in the holistic wellness world, and 7 years learning about the HSP trait. It took 2 years for Tiara to create 150+ concise and visually engaging modules to deliver you this information.

The online course and community were both originally only going to be available in a full high-ticket 6-month coaching program, which was valued at $3,000.

Tiara has since restructured the offer into a Self-Study Monthly Membership, without the upfront investment of the live coaching package, to make it more affordable and therefore more accessible to more HSPs in need of guidance.

Tiara knows that while making the choice to honor your future health and happiness is a no-brainer, it can still feel risky to discern when and where to invest your time, energy, money, and other resources. Which is why Tiara has structured this route for you to be as easy of an entry into your journey as possible.

Making it a Monthly Membership means...

Because this is a new program, and Tiara wants it to help as many HSPs as possible, she has generously lowered the price.

Instead of paying $3,000 upfront for a 6-month program, personal transformation seekers can now gain access for just $194 a month!

If you finish the program within 6 months (which is very doable), this is an incredible deal -- granting you $1,800+ in savings.

The moment you enroll, you get immediate access to a

$3,000 value asset

for just $194 a month, for only as many months as you need.

Which means, you have full control over your investment. If you finish the course in only 3 months let's say, which is totally up to you - you will have only spent $582 for the guidance and tools that can completely transform your life inside and out, that were originally only available in a program valued at $3,000.

Your future health and happiness are priceless

When you think about the positive impact these insights and shifts in your life trajectory can have on every single nook and cranny of your life... it's hard to put a price on that.

How much is it worth to you to nurture your health, your relationships, and your sense of purpose in life?

Putting resources towards cultivating your future health and happiness is the best investment you could ever make.

So what do I need to get started!?

From Surviving to Thriving as an HSP:

The Membership

You'll need:

  • Access to a computer
  • Access to the internet
  • A nice journal and a feel-good pen
  • A can-do attitude

And to begin your extremely wise investment in your future health and happiness:

Payment of only

$194 USD

recurring monthly on the numerical date of purchase until cancellation


Trust Your Gut

In research studies, it has been found that those with the genes associated with the HSP trait make better, more favorable and profitable decisions when risk was involved, like in gambling.

Rest assured, you as an HSP have the natural tendency towards depth of processing and intuitive insight that you need to make a good decision.

So, whatever your gut is telling you right now, whether it be a yes or no, trust it.