Your Highly Sensitive Travel Guide

on the Self-Improvement Journey

Your Highly Sensitive

Travel Guide on the Self-Improvement Journey

All About The Oracle Card Deck

Designed for HSPs on the Self-Improvement Journey

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The Idea for the Card Deck

"Once I discovered that tapping into our inner sense of what is right for us as HSPs is an important part of thriving, I set out with the intention to further develop my own intuition. I was quickly drawn to using oracle card decks as a fantastic tool to begin this conversation.

As I began to use oracle card decks created by others that I've collected over the years, I realized that it would be an incredible game changer to have a deck that was designed specifically to support those on a self-improvement journey - and not only that, but also that was made with highly sensitive people in mind. I became so passionate about the idea, that I decided I had to create it!"

- Tiara Ariel
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In this video, Tiara gives her HSP BFF a card reading. They discuss working with the deck, how it can be a valuable tool to support you on your self-improvement journey, and experience first hand a little bit of the universe's magic at work...

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The Cards and Their Interpretations

(The website images have been cropped and watermarked for copyright reasons.
The actual card deck is 2.75" x 4.75" and includes the full images without watermarks.)

The Apple Orchard is all about nourishing yourself - are you lacking nourishment in some area of your life? This also could speak to a need or opportunity to "pick and choose"... this could mean options, battles - however you interpret it.

Autumn is a quiet, windy, letting go type of season... a graceful shedding of the old, a release, an unclenching of tightly grasped fists. Try to exhale deeply and just "be". Get quiet, and let go.

Pedaling and pedaling on a Bicycle... Have you been overworking and overthinking an issue? Maybe its time to try something different, and switch gears. Try approaching it from a different angle, or press pause on it for now - focus on something else, and come back to this later.

When the Bird shows up on your path, its a calling to pay attention, listen, and look deeper... look in the direction it's beak is facing - what is it trying to show you? What message do you need to hear? What did you miss? Read between the lines. Hear what wasn't said. Notice what was said with gestures, body language, etc... Who do you need to communicate with? What do you need to say? Tune in to hidden messages, and keep your ears open.

Bird's Eye View is a reminder to zoom out and look at this issue from a much higher perspective, with more objectivity... think about the big picture. What dots can you connect from this vantage point? What can you notice if you remain neutral and observant?

The Book beckons a time of deeper learning, going back to school, researching a subject, or simply gathering more information about a situation before making any moves. Knowledge is power, and understanding the situation thoroughly is key.

The Bow & Arrow is the perfect metaphor for manifestation: Whatever it is you are trying to achieve, set your intention for your goal, line up your arrow with the target, take action towards your goal, and then let go. The wind will take the arrow wherever it is needs to go, and it will land wherever it is meant to. Focus your energy on your visualization of your intention, rather than the outcome.

Like pathways in the brain, Branches off a tree represent thought patterns that have grown like vines out of our minds over time. This card asks you to take a look at your mind, and nurture your mental health. What thoughts are you nourishing and allowing to grow? Does your mindset need a refresh?

With change comes a time of transition. The Bridge brings your awareness to the fact that this may be a transition time for you, and to acknowledge that for what it is: beautiful, scary, and a growth opportunity. Find excitement in the uncertainty rather than fear. Step forward with faith that you'll make it to the other side.

When overwhelmed, what do we do? Throw our arms up over our heads. We create a Bubble to hide in. Do you need to protect yourself? Are you missing out on experiencing something fully because you are protecting yourself, maybe unnecessarily? Or, maybe this card is helping you try to look at your circumstances from outside your own bubble to gain a better perspective and see more clearly.

Buddha radiates "zen" energy. Call upon your own inner wisdom and intuition. Cultivate a sense of peace within yourself by getting still and quiet. Remember how powerful you are. Your thoughts, your actions, your emotions. Harness it. Call in your strength and energy. Let it build up like a well of brilliant light within your body. Ask for guidance if you'd like, and then listen to your own nudges.

From caterpillar to Butterfly - this moment in time shows a great deal of positive change and transformation... A reflection of an evolution that took place, or pointing out an opportunity that may be on the horizon to embrace change for the sake of positive transformation. People, relationships, situations, conditions all have the power to change and transform.

Gazing into a Campfire can bring up all kinds of feelings, seeing different imagery shift and move in the flames. Building a fire is a very primal and ancient activity that spans across all time and cultures. Fire as an element is powerful and unpredictable, and holds a great deal of energy... symbolizes passion, evokes feelings of magic and myths told around the campfire. This could symbolize the ignition of a powerful spark, an ever-changing dynamic force, or looking towards myths and legends for guidance.

Candles are used in many different ways - from rituals, ceremonies, among shrines and temples, to romantic candlelit dinners... This card can represent twin flames, kindred spirits, and connections on the soul level to the living and other realms. Light a candle in honor of a loved one. Burn sage and light a candle to clear your personal energy, or the energy in your home. This card also speaks to miracles, in accordance to traditions in Judaism. Candles are a symbol of spirituality and religion. Connect to this aspect of yourself.

The Cat can survive as a house-cat, a street-cat, or both... in the desert, in the mountains, by the sea... in the snow, in the trees, on a boat... they are very adaptable, cunning, clever, intelligent beings. Are you being too independent? Are you needing to be more self-sufficient? This situation may benefit from you attempting to be more flexible, and utilize your ability to adapt, grow, learn, and fend for yourself - work with what you've got, and trust you have all you need - and what you don't have, you can confidently obtain.

A group of Chairs, perfect for a community meeting or discussion. Are you being prideful and not accepting help from others? Are you too scared to ask for help? You can often create connections, deeper bonds, and faster and/or better results when you collaborate with others. It is a smart move to utilize help. Serving and helping others as well may give you the boost of energy you need if you are searching for one.

If you get lost in the woods, and find yourself in a clearing of a Circle of Trees, spinning round and round... it may be best to just park it for now. Sit in the center, and gaze up at the sky. Surrender and rest. Ask your god or guides to take it in their hands for now, and accept that you may not be able to control this outcome. Trust that there is a higher power governing the highest good of all. Try to let go of the need to control the details, and instead rely on your faith.

Clear Water hides nothing and bares all - no mirrors, no tricks, no room for deception - pure truth and honesty. Crisp clear water is completely transparent, you can see all the way through to the bottom, the core. Are you being honest with yourself, and others? This card can also be a sign of an awakening, and finding clarity. If the water is stirring, wait for it to settle, and things will then become much more clear.

So much of life is all about timing, and the Clock brings your intention to this universal law. Spend some quality time with yourself, a loved one, a hobby, something you may need to devote more time to. Trust that all things have their time.

Clouds drift across the sky with ease, and grace... delightful suspended in the air, going with the flow, shifting and morphing as the winds and humidity change. Work in harmony with your current environment, versus fighting against it. Take deep breaths. Move with more ease and grace. Look for possible positive outcomes and silver linings. Practice gratitude.

Our Comfort Zone is an important navigating tool in our lives. Sometimes, it is highly beneficial to retreat here, and utilize it's restorative powers. Other times, it is a crutch that can hold us back, and keep us from putting ourselves out there. Are you nestled too far in your comfort zone? Are you too far out? Or are you dancing beautifully between the two, knowing when to leap out, and when to step back...

Everyone has their own inner Compass. This card asks you to tap into your own sense of what is right for you, what is best, which direction is calling you... What is your true north? What is your gut telling you? What feels like the next right move here?

Darkness for the sensitive soul isn't always a bad thing. It can be a great place to retreat to when you are feeling overwhelmed by external stimuli. Take a break to retreat somewhere quiet, dark, and cozy to give your eyes, ears, and mind a break. Breathe out the overstimulation. Breathe in calm.

Unlike Clear Water, Dark Water is hard to see in. It has an ominous feeling that something might be lurking beneath the surface. It is not to evoke fear, but to advise you to look deeper with discernment. Explore what might be lying underneath the surface or face value of this situation, your emotions, your agenda (or someone else's), or deeper reasons behind any behaviors.

With each new rise of the sun, the Dawn brings an opportunity to start anew, start fresh, start over. Rising up in the morning carries a motivating energy, that its time to gear up to take action, harness your motivation, and start with fresh energy.

When you reach a Dead End on your path, there is a reason. A closed door may feel like a terminal ending, but it doesn't have to be. Dead ends are meant to redirect you to a new path, or indicate that something hasn't quite lined up yet, or its not the right time. Accept this closed door for now, and look for others that are open.

Deer have a keen ability to notice subtle shifts and changes in their immediate surroundings for their own survival. They can quickly leap away and retreat if they need to. They can keep their ears twisting around, staying on alert while they graze. Pay close attention to your surroundings, to subtleties and details. Rely on your instincts to keep you alert.

While traversing the Desert, things can get hazy. You may become thirsty, overheated, and almost delusional. Take a second to splash some water on your face and discern if whats in front of you is real or if its a mirage or an illusion. If you're feeling zapped of energy or dried out, reach for some water. Try not to approach this in a survival mindset. There is an abundant oasis where the desert ends.

The self-improvement journey truly is never ending, but achieving a goal marks a milestone in your progress. If you've recently achieved a goal, it is now time to integrate what you've learned on your journey into the rest of your life. Now that you've reached this Destination, you can the time to look left and right at whats around you now, versus continuing to look backward and forward. Shift your focus to enjoying this milestone. A time for striving for more can come again later.

When a road you are on twists and turns unexpectedly, it can often be frustrating. But Detours are always intentional - they redirect you, keep you from something not meant for you, or point you towards something that is actually better for you than where you had originally set out to go - something more aligned with your highest good. Try to be open to the natural flow of things, and try to have fun with the curveballs. You can learn new information here that may better inform your decisions on how to proceed. Be weary of distractions.

Animals can be great spiritual guides for us. They can teach us a lot about nature, survival, instincts, adaptability, resourcefulness... they can teach us how to use our skills, how to respect one another, how to accept our circumstances and make the best of it. So many lessons they have for us if you choose to observe and listen. Spend time with your animals. Dogs in particular can teach us about loyalty and leadership. Look to leaders, or perhaps use your leadership skills here.

Whether you are daydreaming or night-dreaming, our Dreams can provide us with great insight into our minds, hearts, and souls. What do you long for? What are you dreaming of? What images and visions do you see? What passions have you long forgotten? Are there themes to your dreams? What fantasies have you maybe tried to suppress? No matter how outlandish your dreams may seem, they matter and clue you in to what might bring more fulfillment to your life.

As the sun sets, the Dusk reigns in, reminding us to wind down for the day. Evenings are time for our minds, bodies, and hearts, to down-shift, to unwind, relax... This may be the end of a chapter for you, or it may be a reminder to simply slow down. It may be a time of rest and reflection, as opposed to action and effort.

An Egg on your path symbolizes something new that is getting ready to hatch in your life. This can be a literal birth, or simply the birth of something new - a new idea, a new relationship, a new career, a new project, a new way of thinking. The egg also holds child energy, and can be a call to re-examine your childhood with your now more mature perspective. What can you make sense of now that may not have made sense before? Does your inner child need attention? Answers? Love?

A Fallen Leaf has landed right in front of your feet on your path as you are walking. It draws your attention to it, planting a symbolic sticker on your path. This is confirmation if you are inquiring for it. You are on the right path. Be mindful of seeking validation and acceptance from others. Do you need to accept something within yourself? Do you need others to validate you, or can you affirm your own worth through self-love?

How is Fear playing a part in your current situation or inquiry? Making decisions or conclusions based in fear is not ideal. Give your stress, anxieties, insecurities a chance to breathe. Acknowledge them, soothe them. Let them speak. Thank your fear for attempting to protect you. Tell it you've got it from here. Utilize your fears to show you what still needs healing. Fear can point you in which direction to go in next that will provide you with the biggest growth opportunity.

The best type of personal boundary is a Fence with a gate. You may want to assess how easy to pass through or protective your personal boundaries are. Is your fence too tall? Is your fence non-existent? Is the gate locked? Do you have a password? All metaphorical of course, but think about how you communicate your boundaries, what they are, and who you let in. What are you allowing into your life?

Fireworks are best seen in contrast to a dark night. They use a lot of energy to soar up high into the sky before finally exploding into a beautiful array of lights and colors. Your accomplishments are the sweetest when you have worked hard for them, or have had hard times to contrast them with. You appreciate them more this way. It is time to celebrate hard work paying off. Pat yourself on the back for wherever you are at right now, and know that it is enough.

Your Flock is your community - people close to you who share a common bond, interest, or belief. This card could imply to consult friends and family on an issue, to visit relationships that need tending to, to re-evaluate who you keep in your inner circle... anything that comes up for you when you see the card in association with your relationships.

Have you been too hard on yourself? The Flower asks you to be kind, to yourself and to others. Be grateful for all that you have around you. Once you accept your situation, and feel a sense of gratitude for the things that are going right in your life, doorways open up around you for positive change, for more good to flow into your life. Remember the self-improvement journey isn't easy, but its an honorable path to walk. Be compassionate towards yourself in the process, and respect your own feelings.

When the Fog reigns in, it is hard to see beyond what's right in front of you... if you feel this way right now in your life, there may be a reason. Things need to settle first before they can become clear. Now is a good time to wait, to meditate, to be at peace with what is right here and now. The answer may not be decided yet. The outcome may still be up in the air. Best to pause, and rethink taking any drastic action at this time.

The Footprint card brings your attention to family patterns. Are you trying to follow in someone else's footsteps? If you are, are you doing this out of inspiration and motivation to emulate an honorable relative? Or out of pressure to please or fear of being rejected? Take a look at family patterns, and if there are cycles you want to break - or perhaps cherished traditions you want to keep. What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Ahh yes, the crossroads. The Fork in the Road is all about having several options, and attempting to choose the path to proceed in. Maybe its not about choosing a path, because you never know where it will lead, but instead choosing a direction - what direction makes the most sense to you at this time? Which one feels right? What do you hope most to try and aim for?

The Future card can mean several things. It can be calling you to start envisioning your future, planning how you are going to achieve your goals. What seeds are you planting? Which are you watering? It could be a friendly caution that your mindset may be too focused in the future. It could also signify that what you are inquiring about may become clear in the future, or that it is meant for you, but at a later time. Or maybe even to revisit this again later.

The Garden is a gentle, tranquil card. Your happy place. A serene landscape inside of yourself you can retreat to to recharge. If you are in need of some self-care, now is a great time to pause and focus on yourself. If your needs have gotten lost in the shuffle of recent events, make sure to make time for nurturing your personal well-being. The best thing you can do for your life and your loved ones is to show up as your best self.

The Gathering card prompts you to reflect on the connections you carry with you - to people, places, traditions, cultures, religions, spiritual groups, etc. Getting together with people with similar goals can help you gain momentum. Brainstorming with others can help you approach a problem from a different angle, utilizing the perspectives of others. An event or meeting may bring you an idea or a person you need to move forward. Reflecting on past events may also bring you additional wisdom.

Your physical environment as a sensitive soul is very important to your overall well-being. The Gazebo stands as a symbol for your home, your personal space, your environment. Do you need to retreat back home to get back to your roots and gain some stability? Do you need to declutter your work or home space? Does it need refreshing? This could even speak to your sense of home, or your inner home within you - coming home to yourself. What does home mean to you?

Along the self-improvement journey, you may experience new wounds, or become aware of old ones that need tending to. This Healing card brings your attention to your own need for healing and care. Be gentle and patient with yourself through your recovery and improvement process, whether its physical, mental, or emotional. They all take time and focused effort. What healing tonic do you need? Which one works best to restore you? Could you benefit from the expertise of a professional?

This card is all things that pertain to the Heart. The heart of the matter. Your emotions. Your drive in life. Your hearts healing, desires, pains. What does your heart want? What does your heart need? Your heart may hold the answer to your inquiry, or perhaps your situation may result in or be in need of a lot of "heart". You may need to tap in to understand. Why do you feel this card came up? Sink from your mind into your heart space, and be present with the feelings that surface.

The Hideout is the perfect place to wait out the storm, to escape damaging winds, or out-smart a predator. The conditions right now may be too dangerous or volatile for you to make progress. Or perhaps people involved need to sort things out first without you interfering, before you can make your next move. Retreat to safety, focus on yourself, and wait this one out. This could also be a cautionary card that you may be hiding your true self, or retreating too much.

Just over the Horizon are endless possibilities that you can't quite see yet, but may sense are there. Now is a time to get excited, and fuel yourself up with good vibes. You deserve good things, and are worthy of feeling confident, proud, and empowered. The most powerful tool in manifestation is summoning the feelings you wish to experience. Step forward knowing you will succeed, and you can truly accomplish anything. You are free to choose. Affirm your self-worth and move forward with confidence.

Icicles are the result of ice melting and then freezing again as it slides down the sides of the ice underneath it. This card symbolizes the need for patience, as whatever is coming into form isn't quite ready yet to reveal itself or take its final form yet. Try to respect the time this needs to be fully ready for you. More time is necessary. Things are being prepared. Timing is everything.

There is a saying that your self-worth influences your net-worth. The Jewels card asks you to look into your financial health and wealth, as well as your sense of self-worth. What are you investing your time, energy, and other resources into? What value do your investments have? Your level of focus on something is a direct reflection of how much you value it. This card can also symbolize an offer coming in, or ask you to remember all you have to offer.

When your mind is running on high-gear, one of the best things you can do is to Journal. This card reminds you of the value in getting your thoughts, feelings, and ideas down on paper. As you write, you may piece together details and come up with ideas that you hadn't previously connected when these thoughts were only buzzing around the back of your mind. Process all of these ideas and thoughts by getting them out of your head and onto paper in physical form.

The self-improvement process is for sure a Journey. It is like a long hike through nature, climbing up mountains, running down valleys, eventually reaching the shoreline. It is an adventure, and the focus should be more on learning and making progress than anything else. Don't compare yourself to others' journeys. Yours is unique for a reason. Try to enjoy the process as much as you can, and have fun with it, too.

Are you feeling fulfilled by life? The Life Purpose card shines a light on your calling, ambitions, passions, talents, and career. In what area of your life do you feel you need more meaning? How do you feel about the track you are on? How can you bring more passion and purpose to what you spend your time doing each day? What does your soul crave? Your life purpose and life lessons often go hand in hand.

Light and Dark are two sides of the same coin. The Light card prompts you to step out into the light, breathe in fresh air, emerge from hibernation. It is time for you to truly be yourself and shine bright. Spread your light to your world and those around you. Take in all the beauty of your surroundings and be grateful for all that you have. Step outside and take some nice deep breaths in of the fresh air and you will feel more alive.

The Lighthouse is a retreat, but it is also a beacon of light for others. You can interpret this card in multiple ways: Are you in need of some me-time? Do you feel lonely and isolated? Are you craving some time to yourself? Do you need to make decisions more closely aligned with your own truth? Would you know yourself better and figure out what you want if you could be alone for a while? Also, others may be looking at you as an example. Do your best to walk your talk, and remember that your light may mean a great deal to someone else going through a dark time.

Do you feel as though you've gotten as far as you can go, and can't accomplish more? That you're destined to stop here? Watch out for a Limiting Belief that can be sabotaging you. There may be old stories you are telling yourself, or being told by others, about what you're capable of. Beware of false truths set upon you by other's beliefs or their own disappointments and doubts about themselves. Any limitations in front of you are only perceptions. You can choose to tell a different story. Where does your self-doubt stem from? Is it serving you to think this way?

Know your own Limits. Have you taken on too much, or stretched yourself too far or too thin? If you have, its time to take a step back and replenish yourself. It may be time to re-evaluate where you've drawn lines in the sand. What is realistic for you to accomplish in the day? What are you willing to compromise, and what aren't you? What is worth a sacrifice, and what isn't? Is the balance of giving and receiving equivalent in your life? If not, how can you adjust the scales so they even out?

The Love card is all about connection and intimacy, and love of all forms. This situation may need some attentive care. It also may result in connection and love. Are you craving affection and acceptance? Are these things you can give to yourself? Make sure to prioritize the relationships in your life that are most important to you, and nurture and cherish the love you have for yourself as well. Commit to yourself the way you want to be committed to. Romantic relationships benefit greatly from self-love.

Whenever you set out on an adventure, having a Map is a huge bonus. It gives you a much more detailed overview of your surroundings and goals, and a lot more information to work with. Try to be strategic with your approach. Use all the information you have and draw upon logic to help you map out a plan. Utilize the expertise of people who have traveled this path before and may have advice or a helping hand to lend you.

The Mask card inquires about your level of authenticity, in all areas of your life. It may serve you to reflect on whether or not you are showing your true self, following your truth, or able or wiling to be fully vulnerable. Are you hiding behind a facade for safety? Do you struggle with intimacy? Fear of rejection? How can you show up in your relationships, your career, your conversations, everything - more authentically? What does the real you look like? Act like? Speak like? If your higher self could speak to you, what would it say?

When you're lost in the Maze, your first instinct might be to break out in sheer panic, but the best way out of the maze is to calm down, retrace your steps, and use logic. Which avenues have you already gone down and tried? What has worked? What hasn't? Which way seems like the best way to go? What have you not tried? If things seem too complex to solve, or you can't take the confusion: just pause for a moment. You need a clear mind to solve this problem, and stress and panic won't get you there.

The Moon reflects back to you the after image of the day. It sheds light on shadows, things that may need to be addressed, released, or let go. Now is a great time to call in new energy, and expel the old. Release your fears about the shadows. Utilize the new moon energy to transform stagnant circumstances and entertain new possibilities. The moon follows a cycle, and ebb and flow, and so do you. Pay attention to and utilize your natural rhythms. Harness the energy of the times you feel most jazzed and inspired, and honor the times that you don't.

Climbing a Mountain can seem like a task too large to accomplish, but taking it one step, one chunk at a time makes it possible. Consistently show up for and rise to the next challenge, and you'll eventually make it to the top. You may also benefit from a period of rest, to get distance and space from whatever it is you are trying to solve. Breathe in some fresh mountain air, and gain a new vantage point. Clear your head. Breathe in the expansiveness, open skies, fresh pine, and crisp air.

Across cultures and time periods, Music has always been a way to tell stories from generation to generation, as well as a way to express creativity and share feelings. Music is a type of language, with notes, melodies, harmonies - all kinds of sounds that communicate different feelings and ideas. They tell a story. What stories are you telling yourself? Do you need to express yourself creatively? How can you get creative or use language to solve your problem? What type of language have you been using when discussing this issue? Listening to music may soothe you and help you find clarity.

Ocean Waves never cease to roll in with the tide, and roll back out. They are forever persistent on the beach's shore. Their force and height may very, but they are constant. They do not give up and do not stop. With determination and perseverance comes rewards. Consistent action towards your goal is key here. Your persistence will pay off. Keep going.

Once you reach a clearing, or a landscape with a vast Open Space, you can see far and wide in all directions, your perspective changes. You are no longer limited to seeing only what is right in front of you. You can gaze in any direction and gather information, using your senses and imagination to fill in the blanks. There are endless possibilities and paths to take from any one moment of your life. You can start anew any time you want. Anything is possible.

Doors are opening for you. The Openings card prompts you to notice places in your life where opportunities seem to be showing up, and possibilities expanding... Are you open to receiving? Are you ready to accept? Does your heart or mind need reassurance? Also this card speaks of heart openings, and greeting life with arms wide open. Opening up to a loved one may bring a great deal of healing, relief, clarity, or strength for you in this situation. New pathways are being carved.

When was the last time you took a break? I mean, really, took a break? The Park Bench card urges you to do just that. Sit down. Have a cup of tea. Breaaaaathe. Breathe deeply. Pause what you are doing, and just "be". We are human beings, not human doings. Repeat that mantra to yourself, and take what may be a much needed, and certainly much deserved break. It is okay to rest. It is necessary to rest. Self-care is a necessity, not a luxury.

Similar to the Future card, the Past card brings your awareness to how much your mind is focused in the past. Are there past lessons or mistakes you are ruminating on, or perhaps still need to extract wisdom from? Are you stuck in thoughts of the past, or perhaps living in your memories? Do you need to forgive certain people, or perhaps yourself? If you are feeling down and discouraged, can you think back to times in your life when you were happy and felt accomplished, and see how you got there, and remember that its possible? Our past has come and gone, but we can learn from it, and release it's hold over us.

Sometimes it's hard to understand how or why, but you are always exactly where you are meant to be on your Path. This card reminds you to trust your own journey. You can't always make sense of the path as it's being laid out before you, but often when you look back, it all makes perfect sense. Trust this natural unfolding of events. Follow your heart. Let it lead you towards the direction that feels right to you, and know that's all you need to do to move forward.

Are you seeing repeating Patterns? Does this circumstance feel familiar? Do you feel like you've already learned this lesson? Perhaps something feels repetitive because you haven't learned all you need to learn yet. This card also brings your awareness to patterns of obsessive behaviors, and overthinking. Try to bring consciousness towards these habits or compulsive thoughts and actions. You can short-circuit them by bringing awareness to it in the present moment. What would benefit me most right now instead of repeating the same thoughts and behaviors? Also, are you hearing the same advice or cautions over and over again? Are you seeing repeating numbers? Don't dismiss these.

Its all in the details. The Pebbles card is the flip side of the Bird's Eye View. Sometimes a big picture perspective is the key, but right now, you're being guided to zoom in further - look closely at the details. There may be something that you have missed by not looking close enough. Is the answer right under your nose? Bring your awareness to this present moment... take a deep breath, and start consciously observing, noting... Can you spot something worth looking further into? We often assume our answers are out of our reach, so we often look past what's right in front of us - but what if they were here the whole time?

Our minds spend so much of its time living in the past or the future. Subconsciously our minds drift to memories, regrets, worries, and projections. And as real as those thoughts may feel, the only true reality exists right here right now in this Present moment. Something magical happens when you continue to train your mind to sit with the present moment - you become more grateful, more calm, more attentive, more insightful and intuitive. The Present card gently reminds you to bring your consciousness to the present moment. This is where life is happening, and it's happening right now.

The Priority List houses all the things, people, and responsibilities that we need to attend to on a daily basis. It can fill up quickly, and quickly become a tangled mess. What you put at the top of your list is a direct reflection on your values and principles. For sensitive souls, we often let our own well-being get dragged down and pushed farther and farther on the list in place of things that we feel we need to prioritize in order to be loved, accepted, valuable, and appreciated. But sacrificing ourselves gets us nowhere in the end. This card asks you to re-evaluate this list: make sure it is balanced, reflects your true values and goals, and that your well-being is a non-negotiable top priority.

The Rain is nature's best cleansing tool. This card represents a rinsing and purging of stored and unexpressed feelings, releasing tears and sadness, letting old energies and backed up emotions flow out of your emotional body and wash away with the rain. If you get this card, you may even want to literally stand in the rain (or in the shower) and visualize all your stagnant energy being lifted and rinsed by the water falling over you. Let yourself cry. Water has healing and cleansing properties, as well as the ability to hold memory. Utilize water's cleansing abilities to have a much needed release and gain relief from emotional pain.

When is the most common time to see a Rainbow? After a storm. You can't have a rainbow without a period of rain first, which is a reminder that if you are going through a hard time, this too shall pass. This card represents incoming good news, rewards, gifts, and blessings in disguise. You may find that after this period of struggle you might be experiencing, that it actually ends up being a really good thing for you: your personal growth, your future, your life experience and wisdom. Thank the universe for the gifts even before they arrive, and affirm that you are open to and excited about receiving them.

When the Reflection card comes up, it may be a useful time to sit in front of the metaphorical (or literal) mirror. Getting to know ourselves on a deeper level is always beneficial to our lives - in our own personal happiness, in our relationships, our career, our health, our ability to make decisions - everything. Reflecting on what makes you happy can be incredibly useful. What memories have been surfacing lately? What realizations have you come to? This card also cautions about vanity and selfishness, and getting lost or too caught up in memories.

Remember that old idea you had or project you started way back when and tucked away for a rainy day? Now might be the perfect time to Revisit it. And, if you've been struggling to solve a problem, and have been brainstorming for a while on ideas for solutions - it may pay to go back to the beginning and follow through with an earlier thought you had. Revisit your earlier inclinations and ideas and see if now is the right time for it to work. Things that didn't pan out before might have the opportunity to follow through now if the conditions are finally right.

If you watch water flowing down a stream filled with rocks, you will notice how the water seems to skillfully and gracefully travel around and navigate through all the twists and turns among the rocks. The River Rocks card speaks to navigating through the course of life, and the self-improvement journey. Are you taking the easy way out? Are you going with the path of least resistance? Or are you encountering resistance? Are you trying really hard to go one way that isn't working, and maybe need to just let go and go with the flow? Or are you really "in-the-flow" right now? Is there something in particular you have been avoiding, or trying to avoid? Reflect on the way you are moving through these challenges.

When a Roadblock stands in your path, you can either see it as unsurmountable obstacle and turn around, or you can get creative and innovative and think of a way to move around it, climb over it, bust through it, or push it over. If you are hit with a roadblock, you don't need to accept that as it is. Maybe the roadblock really is a dead end, or maybe its not... Maybe this was put in your way as a test. If you look, there may actually be several ways to get passed this roadblock. If you are feeling blocked (creatively, mentally, emotionally, or otherwise) try to release whatever is stopping you. Get resourceful and creative on ways you can work through your blocks in order to keep going.

Constructing a Rock Tower takes patience, balance, a steady hand, and a great deal of focus. If you try to place a rock too quickly, or without first finding its center of gravity, you risk toppling the whole thing over. This card draws your attention to how balanced your life is at the current moment. Are you focusing too much on one specific area or problem, and not nurturing or appreciating anything else? Try to even out the scales a little bit, and fill in the gaps. Put equal energy into all the main areas of your life that matter to you. Try to be as well-rounded as possible. Wherever your focus is, your energy goes. If you are trying to solve an issue, this may take tact, care, precision, and steadiness to resolve.

A lot of the time, life may feel like it's happening to us. But, its actually more like happening with and for us. The Sailboat card reminds you that you play an active role in your life. You are co-creating it with the rest of the universe. You do have the power to choose. You can redirect your thoughts. Our mindset is a strong force in our perceptions and experiences, and our internal language and thoughts play a role in manifesting our futures. Adjust your mindset sails and steer your boat towards the direction you want to move in. You are the captain of your own ship.

The Sanctuary is a place of safety, of rest, of sacred space. It is a shelter, a spiritual alter, a spot to retreat to when you need guidance or encouragement, a place of prayer. Whether this is a physical place, or a space within yourself, visiting your sanctuary may benefit you at this time. Ask for signs, for miracles, and draw upon the good energy in this space to fuel you with feelings of safety and reassurance. All is well.

This is your sign to ask for signs. The Sign Post card reminds you that you are in partnership with the universe, with God, with Spirit, however you choose to label it. You can initiate a conversation with your faith and ask to be sent a sign in response to your concern or question. You can ask to be shown a specific symbol of confirmation. Or to simply be sent a message somehow to help guide you. Ask, and then listen. Observe. Notice. Be on the look out for images, words, or passing conversations that may include something you need to hear or see. This card also speaks of synchronicities which are a sign you are on the right path. As well as words of affirmation. Express positive thoughts and affection towards yourself and others around you.

On a quiet morning with no breeze, or a perfectly still winter's day, you can experience a rare kind of silence. The experience can be soothing, or feel a little strange. When the Silence card shows up, utilize quiet time to tune-in and listen. Its a unique opportunity to pick up sounds, messages, ideas, etc. - that may have otherwise been drowned out by louder noises. Listen to your body. Listen to your heart. In conversation with loved ones, and in the workplace as well - practice active listening. It can be a powerful tool for observation and gathering more information, and helps unlock a deeper level of connection.

In order for a spider to create it's web, it needs to find a suitable spot, plan out where it will start, create an intricate pattern, and put in some hard work. The Spider's Web card represents delicate and complex situations and feelings, intricate and well-thought-out plans, and the effort it takes to create something magnificent. It may be time to roll up your sleeves and put in some hard work, or spend some time planning out what you will do next, doing your best to take all things into consideration before beginning. Try to navigate delicate and complex feelings as best you can.

Springtime brings flowers up and out of the ground, blooming beautifully. Seemingly overnight, the landscape becomes alive, lush, green, opens up, plants and animals emerge, and move around. The Spring card is about seeing results from your efforts, sudden sprouting and blooming of feelings, ideas, etc... All kinds of fresh energy to utilize and breathe in. You may begin to see things open up for you, or this may signify a time for you to open up to someone if you've been holding back - or an indication that someone will open up to you.

The Squirrel showing up on your path asks you to take stock of your resources - plan ahead, reserve energy, gather up things you'll need. The Squirrel could also be attempting to bring your attention to things you are hoarding out of a fear or scarcity mindset. Do you have all you need? Can you share or trade with others? Are you planning ahead? What resources have been drained that need replenishing? If you haven't already started saving, now might be a good time to consider beginning to set aside some resources for the future. Networking and having connections can be helpful to you as well.

Stars and constellations in the sky are always there, even if we can't see them. The light from the stars we are seeing now against the black sky is the result of stars burning long ago and their light traveling all this way to get here. When you come across a clear sky full of Stars on your journey, it is a reminder of how incredible and vast the universe is - how miraculous it is for us to even be here and be able to view them. Things are happening behind the scenes, up in the stars, that you don't necessarily see or know about. But that doesn't mean there isn't a bigger plan for your life, or that any seeming coincidences weren't in fact intentional. You may start having realizations and be able to finally connect the dots and experience epiphanies. Time and space must converge in this exact way for you to have the experience you are having. Have faith in the fact that you are here, now, for a reason. Your existence is purposeful.

The Statue card represents anything pertaining to your survival: your basic needs, your physical health, the very foundation that you stand on to be able to live, breathe, and continue to go about your life... This aspect of our lives can often be overlooked, and the Statue reminds you to value it, and nurture it. Your foundation needs frequent attention, otherwise it can quickly begin to crumble, the quality of your life declining and suffering as a result. Don't neglect your basic needs, and the foundational elements of your life that keep you standing. Spend some time nurturing and caring for your physical body. Does your shelter need reinforcing? Are you providing yourself with good quality nourishment? What is your body trying to tell you? Do your best to give it what it needs.

A flight of stairs on your path is a direct message that you evolve, transform, and improve yourself in Steps - one step, one day at a time. Profound change rarely happens overnight. It is the result of consistent small steps in the right direction, day in and day out. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all you have to accomplish, remember this sentiment. Focus on one task at a time. This card also reminds you to pace yourself. If you are feeling pressured, like you are running out of time, or not making progress fast enough - remember to pace yourself. All happens in the time frame it is meant to. All you can expect of yourself is to keep climbing one step at a time, and trust you'll get to the top when you're meant to. But you won't reach the top if you push yourself too hard. If you try to run up the stairs, skip steps, and fail to plant your feet solidly on each one, you may end up slipping and falling back down to the bottom. Don't rush it.

Our lives nowadays can be absurdly busy. For the sensitive soul, this way of moving through the world can be very draining. Especially if you are an ambitious type, its hard not to get caught up in the need to be productive, keep moving, keep progressing. The Stillness card urges you to take some time devoted to remaining still - to check in with yourself, switch "off", and shift over to engaging your parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of our nervous system that allows for rest and digestion - the opposite of "fight or flight" mode. It's important that you remember to switch over to this mode frequently, to regain a sense of calm, to digest life, and observe your surroundings.

The clouds are getting heavy, and there is tension in the air... The winds pick up and trees begin to sway... Positive and negative energies clash, warm and cool feelings collide. The Storm is all about tension, and the ups and downs of conflict and resolution. Sometimes things need to get stirred up so that they can land in an even better place than they were before. Sometimes things just need to get out into the open air. Sometimes we need to just hash things out. Our foundations get tested. Energy gets dramatically cleared. Know that if you are being tossed through a rough storm, that this too shall pass. And you may even prefer where things land afterwards once you see the purpose to this storm.

Time for rest, relaxation, and recreation! The Summer card is all about enjoying the fruits of your labor, taking a much needed vacation, rejoicing with family and friends, taking time off of working so hard to play. Let your childlike energy be free again. Move your body. Get outside and into the sunlight. Absorb some vitamin D. The Summer card asks you to lighten up a bit, let out a big sigh, and laugh. Try to get back in touch with the fun aspects of life. Kick your feet up, put on your shades, and smile. Its time to enjoy.

The Sun is incredibly bright, warm, and up-lifting. This card is all about basking in the sun, experiencing and expressing joy, and having fun. Similar to the Summer card, but with an auspicious and inspiring omen: Good days are ahead, and now is the time to reaffirm your faith that everything will work out. Vibrant, beautiful, happy days are coming. You've done it. The sun is shining, as long as you choose to see it and feel it. The forecast for your area is clear blue skies.

The Switchbacks are like an upward zig-zag, and have a similar feeling to walking up a spiral. It feels like you're just going in circles, walking back and forth, for no rhyme or reason, just aimlessly climbing. But the main point is - you're climbing. You may think, "what's the point of going back and forth and around and around?" Even if it seems like you're putting in all this effort and can't see the finish line, or that you're seeing the same landmarks over and over again - reflect on the journey for a second... Each time you've seen this landmark - did it look slightly different than it did before? Did you see it from a slightly higher vantage point? It's a natural part of the improvement process to repeat lessons. Each time we revisit them, we engrain them deeper... Until one day, you've reached the top and the back and forth is over. And ya know what? The view is worth it.

Along your self-improvement travels, you may encounter a few new friends. Making new connections and friendships is part of the joy of this process. This card speaks to recognizing the benefits you may receive by coming across a Travel Companion - someone who can traverse the tricky hikes with you, brainstorm on the best route, pick you up if you trip and fall, and make you laugh and encourage you along the way. You may cross paths with someone briefly who gives you directions. Or you may end up walking the same path with someone till you've reached the next town - or maybe even share the entire rest of your journey together. These connections are highly intentional and purposeful as part of your larger plan. Be open to who you come across along the way. The right people will always be brought to you at the right time. Also, remember that you never know if or when you’ll part ways, so appreciate them while you have them.

The Traveler card reminds you to keep moving - figuratively and literally. Does your body need exercise? Are you a ball of stagnant energy, that's waiting to burst? Make sure to move your body throughout this process. Do it in ways that are fun and enjoyable, like a bike ride or a swim. Make sure to enjoy your journey, and explore while you're at it. That's what makes the traveling so fun. Experience different cultures, try new things. See new places. If you see this Traveler, it may be a sign that now is a great time for you to explore more, get moving, or take action.

A tree has layers upon layers of Tree Bark to protect it and shield it from the conditions around it. Most of us have a protective barrier around ourselves, and it may seem as though most of our interactions stay at surface level. But the real heart of the matter and juicy parts of life are the deeper conversations and meaningful interactions we have if we choose to look beneath the surface, to the depth and complexity thats inside. Peel back your own layers, or those of a loved one. Try to connect on a deeper level. Don't take statements at face value if you sense there is something more beneath the surface. Keep digging at the problem until you get to the heart of the matter, and reach the core issue. What's really going on here? What is this really about? How do you really feel? You may find a hidden gem underneath.

Have you been feeling uneasy, unstable, scattered, or even a sensation that you are floating and not fully in your body? The Tree Roots card reminds you to get grounded. Now would be a good time to slow down, get present, plant your feet firmly on the ground, and/or get back to reality. Take some time to clear your mind, take a walk in the grass barefoot. Connect with nature. Rub your feet. Do some belly breathing. It also asks you to consider the root cause of any issue you're facing. Where does this actually stem from? What is the true origin of the problem you're facing? Always treat the cause, not the symptom.

We all have our shadow side. The wounded ego part of us that can't help but sit in feelings of doubt and fear. It's nothing to be ashamed of, even though you might feel very shameful when your shadow side comes out. The Troll card brings your awareness to this part of yourself. Do you need to stand up to your inner bully? Where are you self-sabotaging? Can you talk the troll out from under the bridge? Can you coax it out of hiding, into the light? Our wounded selves only need love. If we can show compassion towards this hurt part of ourselves, and demand respect from the parts of ourselves that subconsciously work against us, we can transform our shadows into light.

When you are going through a hard time, it always seems the most difficult thing to do is Trust - but its the most powerful and important thing you can do. Your level of trust is a direct reflection of the depth of your belief. Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your friends and family? Do you believe things will work out? Do you believe the universe has your best interest in mind? How strong and reliable is your own faith? If you feel it wavering, its time to renew your trust in the process. Everything has its time and place. What is for you will not pass you by. You are loved.

On the self-improvement journey, you may suddenly realize you've got tunnel vision. The Tunnel card represents a very strong laser-like focus on a goal. It represents a straight shot, short cut to success. It urges you to look at where you might have too narrow of a viewpoint over this issue or situation. Have you got a good grasp on aiming for your goal? Do you need to remove distractions? Are you straining your eyes focusing too hard, succumbing to tunnel vision? Take this card as it resonates. Think about your level of focus, and if it can be tweaked to serve you better.

Venturing into the unknown can be incredibly scary, or incredibly exciting - or perhaps, both. If you're entering Uncharted Territory in your life right now, not knowing what to do or what the outcome could possibly be - the best thing you can do is accept that you are uncertain and don't know. Some things are out of your control, and there may be no way for you to predict whats up ahead. Do your best to be okay with not knowing the answers to your questions for now. Finding peace in uncertainty is a challenge, but if you can muster even just a little bit of faith in this uncertain time, it can be a powerful asset to your overall well-being.

The Waterfall is a powerful force of rushing water, flowing into your life with speed, strength, and robust energy. Water is cleansing, powerful, and energizing. An open flowing source of water is a great symbol of abundance. If you come across the Waterfall on your path, it can be a profound symbol that what you are hoping to manifest, or some completely unexpected source of good, will soon be pouring and overflowing into your life. Consider this card a good omen. Be open to receiving. Grab hold of something steady so you can stay grounded as this blessing comes rushing in. Use this momentum to create more good in your life.

When the Wind comes blowing in, it helps point you in a direction. Depending on where it is coming from, it may help you gain momentum, or work against you providing resistance and force in the opposite direction. It may change on a dime. It may be a gentle nudge to look a certain way, or it may be so powerful it pushes you before you've had a chance to brace yourself. Be mindful of influences you may be experiencing from those around you. If you feel gentle nudges from your intuition, listen to them. In which direction are you being swayed?

The season of Winter is a time when all slows down, cools down, freezes, and stands still. If you receive this card, it symbolizes a time to rest, reflect, hibernate, and slow your roll. Now may not be the best time for action, but a great time of pause. A time to store up your strength. A time to nest with family and friends and stay put. Have you been moving too quickly, or burning yourself out? Slow down, cool down, rest, and reflect.

Card Fronts

The self-improvement journey is an upward spiral... While you're on it, it may seem as though you are going around in circles, repeating lessons. However, if you zoom out, you'll see that with each cycle around, you level up in our own healing journey. Each time we revisit something within ourselves with new knowledge and experiences and deeper understanding, we clear a deeper yet layer of the patterns and beliefs no longer serving us.