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Calling all HSP Pet Parents!

Do you want to learn about the 4 innate gifts you have as a highly sensitive person, and how you can utilize and cultivate them to better the lives of your furbabies? Of course you do!

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You Have Innate Gifts That Make You a Great Pet Parent...

But sometimes it can still feel a lot! After all, you are in charge of this furbaby's entire world, and ensuring their safety, happiness, and overall well-being. That can feel like a heavy weight sometimes. It's hard enough to make decisions for ourselves, but when it's on behalf of someone we love, it can feel even more daunting.

So many HSPs out there have animal companions that mean the world to them. I am one of them! I have a dog and cat that are my fur-children. And that is not an exaggeration. If you know, you know.


I have an inkling that there is a need for support in this area of life for Highly Sensitive People...

I've devoted a little sector of my online presence and content for highly sensitive pet care-takers, to start a discussion, and see if there is a need within this community for support.

I have 30+ years of experience care-taking dogs and cats, am a certified wellness coach for humans, and have grown increasingly more educated and knowledgeable in the overlap of these two topics: pet care, and wellness - and have been able to apply the same concept of supporting our health in the way that just makes the most sense for that species - human, or dog, or cat. I now know a great deal about how to support pets' well-being holistically. I feel I have a good lens on this topic, with enough of my own personal experiences under my belt to at least be able to pass on the knowledge I've already gained:

Between all the various experiences I've had with my dogs and cats, I've worked with several different kinds of vets: traditional, holistic, and integrative; emergency vets, internal medicine, surgery, chiropractic, rehab and physical therapy; animal behavioralists and trainers, animal communicators, and even a couple animal medical intuitives. I've seen the benefits of all kinds of treatment modalities, from medications to supplements, acupuncture to energy work, herbal formulas and flower essences. And add onto this the layer of understanding deeply what it means to be an HSP caring for another being, and the rewards and challenges that brings to the experience.

I've had a passion for self-development and the HSP trait, and pet care was a topic I mostly just engaged in in my private life. But as time as gone on, I've began to realize just how many people in my social circles come to me for advice on caring for their animals. So much that I started to wonder if this is not an area that I can offer guidance and support for HSPs, as well.

I'm not a vet, or a nutritionist, but I am a dedicated HSP pet owner who has been immersed in this world long enough to have gained a great deal of useful information that I feel deserves to be shared, even if to only plant seeds for your own further education - and mostly just to be an advocate for those HSP pet parents out there wanting so badly to just do right by their furkiddos.

Let me know what you want support with or to learn more about:

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