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Pick a Stack: Reading with My Card Deck

"What Should I Focus on Right Now?"

As you may have learned about if you explored my Store Page, I designed an oracle card deck designed specifically for HSPs on the self-improvement journey. It is a deck I often referenced for my own personal use and guidance, and one that I was passionate about making available for other HSPs to use to get in touch with their own intuition on their own self-improvement journeys. (If you're interested in purchasing or learning more about my deck, you can click here.)

New to card decks? At its basic level, an oracle or tarot card deck is a tool that can be used to generate prompts to think about on a particular matter, or even just for that day. On a more spiritual level, it is a wealth of knowledge that serves as a connection to whatever higher power you may believe in; a source of guidance that you can tap into using your intuition. As you pull the cards, you check in with yourself and your gut feelings about when to stop shuffling, when to pull a card, and how to interpret what cards come out. There are plenty of ideas out there about the true way to shuffle or pull cards, but I think it's based on the individual and the intention for that specific reading. Typically, you "ask" the deck an open-ended question, and let the universe (or chance, if you don't believe in a god or the universe as a higher power) guide what comes out.

I have prepared 3 different card stacks in response to asking for guidance for my viewers on what you should focus on right now. I have pulled card into 3 separate piles to give you the chance to consult your own intuition about which pile may be the most suited to you at this time... You can certainly read all 3 if you'd like, or you can go with your gut, pick a stack, and scroll to that section of this post, and read up on the guidance your intuition has directed you towards!

My intention was to ask the following open-ended question on your behalf, to provide guidance for you wherever you are at in life at the time of visiting this page:

What area of life should you focus on right now? And what guidance would be helpful along that path?


If you haven't already chosen which one you want to chose from the post photo at the top of the page, go ahead and gaze at the image below of the 3 pile choices. Go with your gut on which one seems to be "calling you" most -- and there is no perfect answer here. One of them may stick out to you, or maybe you feel drawn to two, or even all three piles. Maybe none of them are jumping out to you. Trust your instincts! Read the descriptions for any and all that you feel inclined to explore...

And as a general rule, always take what resonates with you and leave the rest. None of this is a prescription for you -- how could it be, right? I simply offer you words that may jump off the page and give you a light bulb or get the wheels turning in your mind in a way that confirms and validates your current feelings or experiences, or leads you to a new idea, source of information, or path that feels right for you to take.



First and foremost before I get into the individual stacks and their individual cards, these two cards came flipping out the deck together before I even designated stacks. So no matter which pile you pick, these two cards are for everyone:

Starter Cards

These two cards together invite you to quiet your internal space, listen to your own intuition, and ask your life, your surroundings, your faith -- whatever it is -- for guidance -- and then to watch for the signs you get shown around you. There is no shame in asking for help, and asking for guidance is a great way to open up the conversation with your life, as if it were its own entity, and let it speak back to you. Be open to what it has to say, and the wisdom it has to offer. It's a way to begin approaching your life as a co-creation with the rest of the world, or universe, around you... a way to move forward and navigate your life with grace and in harmony with the forces out of your control.



Card Stack 1

This first stack is all about the Relationships in your life -- this could be romantic, familial, professional, any way you interpret it for what makes sense for your life at this moment in time, if you chose or felt guided to this particular stack of cards.

To have any kind of healthy relationship in life, staying true to yourself and setting boundaries are incredibly important. It doesn't matter if we are talking about a coworker, a parent, a romantic partner, or your best friend. If you hide who you truly are, what your needs and goals are, what you are willing to put up with, etc. -- that automatically challenges the foundation of any relationship.

From my interpretation, these cards are encouraging you to be more honest with yourself about who you are, what you want, and where your boundaries lie. If you are hiding or being inauthentic right now, in order to please others or avoid conflict, please know that continuing along this path will only cause you pain down the road. Try to trust yourself, and welcome a new way of operating within your relationships. See this as a new chapter, even an experiment if you will -- What good things could happen if you started to stand up yourself? To speak your truth? To ask for what you need?

Welcome in new connections. As you raise your standards, your relationships by universal law will shift as a result... This is exciting, but may mean that you might fly solo for a little while, but that's okay. Even if you are shifting relationships that are here to stay, transitions may be uncomfortable at times, or cause some turbulence. Trust that you will find the right flock when the time is right, and that any current relationships that are here to stay will be refreshed and renewed. Everything can only get better when you truly start to love yourself.

Take a look at the cards a little closer. Look at the colors, the words, the imagery. See if anything else that I haven't mentioned jumps out to you. Consult your own intuition about what this additional piece of information might be trying to communicate to you.



Card Stack 2

This second stack is all about your Health. Sometimes life can get so busy that we can become so preoccupied with work, the kids, our spouses needs, the housework -- all of it -- that our own physical body's needs fall to the wayside. I invite you to stop for a moment, and bring your attention to your physical body, your emotional state, your mental space. Think about all the crazy you've been through, all that you've been able to accomplish and push your body through, to get to this point, where you are now. How incredible is it, that so much of what our body does is on autopilot? Think about how much work your body is doing right now, simply keeping you alive? Allowing you to do the things you need and want to do? It deserves some love, acknowledgement, and gratitude. Don't you think?

If you've been hearing subtle whispers from your body or mind lately about what you need personally, little nudges towards drinking more water, or an idea to start eating more vegetables -- lean into it. In what ways is your body, mind, or heart asking to be nourished? In what ways might you need to be more discerning? Are there bad apples that need to be removed from your life? Do you have a metaphorical pest problem? It might be time to upgrade your diet, pull the weeds so-to-speak, and plant some better seeds... Take all that as you will, because these messages may mean something different for everybody.

If you are on a healing road, a path to recovery, from an illness, from chronic stress, from an injury (to the body, heart, or mind), first things first -- thank your body, your heart, your mind. Tell it you're here, and you're listening. And trust that these things take time. You will heal in your own timeframe. Be gentle, and be patient with yourself. Your health is your foundation, and building a strong foundation from which you can accomplish your goals in life is not something you want to rush or do sloppily. Let go of society's expectations about speed and productivity, and move at the pace that your body, heart, or mind is asking from you.

Take a look at the cards a little closer. Look at the colors, the words, the imagery. See if anything else that I haven't mentioned jumps out to you. Consult your own intuition about what this additional piece of information might be trying to communicate to you.



Card Stack 3

The third stack is directing your attention towards Career, your life goals, your pursuit of knowledge, your hobbies and pastimes, or your sense of purpose. Wherever you are at currently in life, whether you are a student, a stay-at-home parent, a working professional, or retired -- these cards are guiding you on what you are spending your time doing, and hopefully encouraging you towards taking the path that is most fulfilling to you. Not the most logical, not the most practical -- but the most exciting, the path that would bring the most meaning to your day to day life.

Sometimes when we don't believe in ourselves, feel unworthy, or are caught up in how we don't measure up, we play small -- we hide ourselves, self-sabotage, and let our fears and doubts get in the way. This stack is bringing your conscious awareness to any shame, guilt, or shadow aspects of yourself that are standing in your way of simply following your dream. Spend some time working through these things, and letting go of anything that doesn't serve you. Do some metaphorical spring cleaning -- but in your mind. Did your parents discourage you from becoming a dancer because they believed it wouldn't be lucrative? Did you have an old teacher that didn't think you were smart enough to be an engineer? Do you have any bad habits that continue to reaffirm any negative beliefs you have about yourself? Challenge and shatter those biased and unsupportive belief systems you'd held onto in your mind. No matter how old you are, there is always time. Every day is a new chance to make a difference choice.

These cards show a lot of possibility here. Your life is what you make of it. Stop drawing circles and limits around yourself. If you look up from staring down at the ground, you'll see just how much possibility lies in front of you, how many options there really are -- if you are just willing to see them.

If you have already gone a ways down a chosen path, you may find yourself being thrown off course, unexpectedly learning new information that changes the game, approaching a fork in the road, or being tempted by distractions. The answer to any of these happenings is to tune into yourself, and listen to your own intuition. Does this path still feel like the right way? What am I supposed to learn here? For what reasons am I following this path? Which direction would keep me most aligned with my most precious life goals?

If you've been doing a LOT of hard work, whether it be tangible work in the physical world, or challenging internal work on yourself and your own psyche -- it's time to take a break and replenish any energy. And repair any energy leaks that are draining any resources (time, energy, or money) away from the most important tasks in front of you -- the ones that give you the most leverage and progress towards the goals you hold closest to your heart. Stay aligned with your mission in life, and you will go far.

Take a look at the cards a little closer. Look at the colors, the words, the imagery. See if anything else that I haven't mentioned jumps out to you. Consult your own intuition about what this additional piece of information might be trying to communicate to you.



I hope you found this pick a stack card reading helpful and encouraging for whatever it is that you are currently working through in life. 

If you're intrigued by this deck, or appreciate card readings in general, you can watch me do video readings in real time with this deck - asking the deck for guidance, shuffling, and interpreting the cards all in one video, intended to provide guidance for my viewers whenever they happen to see it. I have a Youtube channel where I post these types of videos, along with other motivational and self-improvement related content, including beautiful and relaxing nature imagery. Check it out if you're interested! (Visit Tiara Ariel's Youtube Channel)

-Tiara Ariel

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