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Take the Quiz: Are You Surviving, or Thriving?

Wondering where you really are on the scale of barely surviving, to vibrantly thriving?

It might seem to some like this should be obvious - wouldn't I know clearly if I was truly thriving or not? For some, yes. For most of us, its not always so black and white and easy to gauge. We may feel like we have some areas of our lives down pat, and feel completely lost in others.

The quiz I have developed below helps you figure out in a simple, straight-forward way where you currently are on this scale from surviving to thriving, and which areas exactly are the ones that may need some more help.

(Keep in mind, this can fluctuate throughout your lifetime, but the goal with what I teach is to set you up so that you only become stronger, more resilient, more grounded, and deeply fulfilled, so that the only direction you move is in climbing up the scale - never slipping and sliding back down to the bottom again.)

Okay, so grab a pen and paper, or just make a mental note in your mind of which of the following you feel are more true, and more false. At the end, you will want to know your total number of "trues", and may want to revisit the ones you resonated with:

  • I feel like I can never get my energy back up to full.
  • I don’t have anything left in me after my work day to do the things that I want or need to do.
  • It pains me that I’m so tired, stressed, or checked out all the time that I’m never fully present with my loved ones.
  • I lie awake at night endlessly thinking, wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep, or wake up in the morning feeling like I didn’t rest at all.
  • I experience brain fog, memory issues, I feel sluggish, or irritable -- or any other recurring emotional, mental, or physical symptoms.
  • There are a lot of people in my life who I feel like don’t “get” me, and I desperately wish other people would better understand me.
  • I feel lonely and isolated, and don’t feel like I’ve connected with many people on a deeper level.
  • It doesn't feel safe to be myself with others, and the idea of doing that scares me.
  • I've created a persona that is sort of like me, but isn't really who I am deep down, in order to get by in social circles, at work, with family, etc.
  • I have a hard time saying no to things that I know I don’t want to do, don’t want to be a part of, or in some way go against what I know is best for me.
  • I struggle to get out of bed in the morning, with any motivation for my day.
  • When I’m at work, I really wish I could be doing something else, and feel like I was meant for something more fulfilling.
  • I feel underpaid, undervalued, and like my talents are being wasted... or am just plain unsure if I have any valuable talents or skills at all.
  • I have dreams and goals that I can’t figure out how to achieve, or have lost touch with any dream or goal whatsoever. I feel like I’m just floating through life, lost without any specific direction.
  • I lie awake at night wishing my life had more meaning.

Once you are finished, tally up the number of statements you felt were true for you.

Each of the statements you just read are all indications of a survival state - which means, the higher number of statements that felt true to you, the farther into a survival state you currently are... and the farther down you are on the scale from surviving to thriving. If you said "true" to 5 or less of these statements, you are not too far away from a thriving state... However, no matter where you land on the scale, what matters most is what you are currently doing about it.

If a person takes this quiz and only said "true" to 5 statements, they might be pretty darn close to thriving - but that is entirely irrelevant if they aren't planning on making any changes to climb out of any of those statements.

If a person takes this quiz and says "true" to 10 or more of these statements, but is working hard and staying devoted to their own progress in life, nurturing their health, wealth/career, and their relationships, and is committed to doing what it takes to get to a thriving state and reach their goals, they are much more likely to reach the thriving state.

Do you see?

While this quiz is helpful to check in with yourself periodically to gain clarity on where you feel you're at, and what things may still be hurting in your life - it's not a predictor of success by any means. What matters most is your effort, your commitment to yourself, and what you plan to do about your current state, regardless of how far up or down you are on the scale from surviving to thriving.

Interested in moving up and up on the surviving to thriving scale, and improving your health, wealth, and relationships? My online group coaching program provides HSPs like you with the education, practical and actionable tools, and the support you need to unlock the key to success in each of these areas.

To truly thrive, you need a solid foundation underneath you to build your life upon, and its not just about one magic diet or workout routine, or finding the perfect job or partner - its a well-rounded, empowered approach from all angles of life (that starts with and originates within you) that allows you to truly thrive.

- Tiara Ariel

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