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In my coaching program, there are online modules for you to learn necessary information integral to you living a happy and healthy life as an HSP. And while taking in and absorbing all this incredible info is crucial to your success, so is taking action, and applying them within your own life. Follow-up exercises to the educational modules that have you taking action, and the coaching sessions that serve as your support in your progress along the way are just as important (if not more important) than any life-changing information you learn -- because they help you gain the momentum you need to actually make tangible, positive change in your life, which is what gets you your results!

As a bonus to those who are exploring my website, I've provided access to the very first of over 40 exercises in my coaching program for you to get a head start! And get a small taste of how powerful joining the full program can truly be...

 This is the first exercise in the program because it is incredibly eye-opening, and can be quite profound and transformational, even just after one exercise. It is called, "Where Are You Now?" and this is a two part exercise.

What you will need to complete this exercise:

  • A journal (or a computer, but writing is more powerful than typing!)
  • A pen or pencil, or your favorite writing utensil
  • A quiet, comfortable space
  • At least 20 minutes to yourself

To begin the exercise, sit down, take a few good breaths and get comfortable. Open up your writing space, and take several minutes to write out your response to the following prompt:

Where are you now? Describe your current situation, the circumstances you are in, your feelings, your struggles, where you feel stuck, etc… Get a detailed picture of where you are right now, literally and metaphorically.

Write, and write, and write until you feel satisfied that there is nothing left to say at this time about your current state of where you are.

This first prompt is meant to help you get honest and present with yourself, your current situation and feelings. It helps you acknowledge how difficult and uncomfortable things have felt for you up until now, validating how stressful things have been - which is an important step in you being able to move forward. Try to bring a loving awareness and acceptance to your current state. No judgment, just honesty and acknowledgement.



Once you are done with the first prompt, open up a whole new blank page, and respond to this second prompt:

Where do you want to go? What do you want to feel? To experience? Describe it in detail… Imagine you're now where you want to be... What milestones have you reached? What changes have been made? Where are you? How is your mental state? Paint a strong clear picture of your ideal outcome.

Sit with this prompt for several minutes. Write out as much as you can. Really begin to breathe in and feel the feelings associated with this reality.

This second prompt helps you begin to envision your goals and what you want for your future, and begin drawing in those feelings and experiences towards you - allowing your mindset to open up to better possibilities. Doing this exercise can start shifting your vibration to align with the reality you want to experience. Envisioning the life you want also allows you to take in a refreshing deep breath of relief imagining yourself finally out of your struggle. This can help you gain excitement and motivation to start the process of improving your life, step by step.



This is an incredible valuable and powerful first exercise to complete. You will be noticing the shifts and benefits from completing this exercise for days to follow. Keep an observational eye out for how just this one simple journaling exercise has a ripple effect. Notice, acknowledge, and savor any positives that come out of this exercise experience.

I hope this helps!

- Tiara Ariel

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