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What Do You Mean by "Wellness" & "Mindset"?

What is "Wellness" and "Mindset", and Why Are They So Important?

Some of you may be very new to the idea of self-improvement or to coaching, or unsure of what wellness and mindset even really mean when these terms are used. If this is you, I've got you covered.

Let's define these terms to give you some clarity:

When I say mindset, I mean: the set of beliefs and views that you hold on life and what is possible for you, which in turn govern how you think, behave, act, and even feel.

Your mindset is essentially a cluster of "rules" you hold about the world, that can be true or untrue, supportive or unsupportive - but either way, your brain uses them as the operating manual for life. They are guidelines that you perceive to be true about is possible for you to achieve or experience in your life. These "rules" are beliefs you have adopted as a result of your experiences, and mostly from what you have learned from those you looked to for guidance and information on how to navigate the world in your formative years.

The true power of taking a look at your mindset is that until you do so, these "rules" run subconsciously in the background, below your level of awareness or choice, like a computer program in your mind, governing your choices and behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Once you consciously turn towards these things, investigate them with curiosity, and challenge if these beliefs are really true and supportive, you now have the power and the opportunity to rewrite them - essentially rewiring your brain and your frame of mind to be geared towards success. It's incredibly powerful stuff that translates to and has a ripple effect on every area of your life. Which is why mindset work is so, so important.

When I say wellness, I mean: a standard of health in all areas of your personal experience: mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual.

You may have heard wellness before as a term used to describe only physical health, but the more holistic way of viewing wellness is through all the lenses in which we experience our human life: not only through our body, but also through our mind, our hearts, and our souls. You can be incredibly physically healthy, but still feel a lack of meaning, of connection, feel anxious or lonely, etc. True and complete wellness comes when all facets of your experience are acknowledged and nurtured. Holistic wellness, as in your "whole" experience of wellness, is the way to fully obtain and experience deep and lasting health and happiness. I think it is pretty self-explanatory why wellness - of all kinds: physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual - is so important in life.

So, if what you do is "wellness and mindset coaching", what exactly does that look like?

Well, let's first talk about what coaching is:

Coaching is a method of facilitating growth in others by helping them make connections, learn new skills, and overcome obstacles such as fear when it comes to implementing strategies to cultivate positive change in one’s life. (By the way, coaching is not synonymous to therapy, and is different from therapy for several reasons, although there is some overlap between the two. To learn more about the difference between coaching and therapy, click here.)

Mindset and wellness coaching essentially means then that the approach I take when helping my clients is to help them upgrade their views on themselves and the possibilities for their own life, share with them integral wellness knowledge necessary to take good care of themselves, and guide them in developing the skill-sets in order to thrive. This looks like working with unraveling unsupportive conditioning from the past, gaining clarity in the present, and implementing strategies for the future. This looks like creating new supportive belief systems, and making choices that are in alignment with what is most supportive to your overall and unique well-being and life goals.

If you were to join my program and work with me as your coach, we would focus our approach on looking to improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, fine-tuning your mindset "rules" to set you up for success, and implementing strategies that are aligned with you and your lifestyle to achieve your personal goals. 

Is the whole idea of self-improvement or personal growth still a little foggy to you, and you aren't sure where to begin? Would you like to learn more about mindset, wellness, conditioning, and limiting beliefs - and how you can use that knowledge to start taking back the reins of and transforming your life? You may be interested in my mini-course that sets up HSPs with the basics they need to understand and apply to succeed on their personal growth journey.

- Tiara Ariel

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